SHEHBAZ SHARIF CAME TO ROJHAN dated 5, August 2022 at the time not remember may be 11 o, clock morning.

Shaheed Sardar Atif Hussain Mazari stood by the leadership of Pakistan Muslim League-N in the time of difficulty and fought a political war against the elected MNAs, MPAs of PTI Rojhan. It is a pity that the PML-N leadership forgot the loyalty of Sardar Atif Mazari and embraced the elected representatives of PTI for the sake of power.

It is regrettable that when Shahbaz Sharif came to Rojhan today, he did not come Bungla to express his condolences to the family of Shaheed Atif Mazari.

O people!
When the leadership of PML-N could not be loyal to Shaheed Atif Mazari group, how can anyone else be loyal? Question, my answer is yours, should we still expect loyalty from Awaiting your reply. Thanks..


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